I'm a surface pattern designer and illustrator based in the Triangle of North Carolina. I'm a whimsical digital wanderer, ever-curious and grateful for all the wonder the world holds. I've explored many creative avenues, but I have always delighted most in surface design, reveling in the spark that pattern design brings my soul. Vectors are my heart's digital passion. Adobe Illustrator is a long time friend of mine, and we visit everyday. Rasters are also delightful. Both Photoshop and Procreate have a loving place in my repertoire. "Once you touch an apple pencil, am I right?" I've lent my talents to many digital endeavors over the years and have stuck my thumb in many creative pies including, patterns, design for infant, toddler, and children's apparel, invitation and card design, simple animation, character design in acrylic and digital art stamps, print and cut files for a variety of cutting machines.
If you would like to license my designs, collaborate, or if I can be of service to you in reaching your creative aspirations feel free to contact me. 

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